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Universal House info-Center.
« on: March 08, 2012, 01:05:40 am »
Hello dear Viewer's,
                          Today announcment was about that we have succesfully added a house system to our server which is almost 300 houses around san andreas.So here in this section we are going to give you some basic and simple info for server house system

If you see any icion like this on map of our server which chould be greenThis means that this house is avalible for sell.You can buy it .

And if you see any icion like this which chould be red.It means that un-fortunally This house is not for sell.means that an other player has already bought this house !

Note :.

More houses Will be added If our player slot increas in server.If any one has any problem with it ! so please leave pm to me or Post in in [ Correct ] Section of forum.or use /report in server
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Server is temproary under construction.

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